Improving Your Food Quality

3 Markets For Your Home Cooked Meals Food Service

If you enjoy cooking and want to earn some extra money, you can easily start a home delivery food service business. In some states, it is possible to have your own home kitchen inspected and certified. In others, the law is more stringent. Most states have what is referred to as "cottage food laws," which will allow certain products to be produced in your home. If your state's rules allow, or if you have access to a licensed, commercial kitchen, here are three potential target markets for you to consider.

Market Your Service To Busy Professionals

Many business executives have no time to prepare and cook healthy meals. They work 50+ hours a week and by the time they get home, they are exhausted. The situation can be even more dire for professional businesswomen with families. It isn't uncommon for Mom to be expected to cook dinner once she arrives home. Many times, the overworked professional just picks up the phone and orders takeout, but that can get old and isn't the healthiest food.

Your service can provide healthy, easy to reheat meals. Offer the customer the option of entrée only or a complete meal that includes the main course as well as the side dishes, accompaniments, and even desserts. For example, allow them the choice between a frozen pan of reheatable homemade lasagna only, or the lasagna plus salad, garlic bread, and cannoli for dessert. Offer different serving sizes as well. Consider portions suitable for two or a family of four. This will make food preparation easier for you and will allow you to provide additional servings as clients need.

Market Your Service To People Who Don't Enjoy Cooking

Not everyone likes to cook. Fast food, pizza delivery, and eating out every day is fun for a while, but eventually most people get tired of it and crave real food and meals like Mom used to make. This is where your expertise comes in. You can provide clients with simple, nutritious meals that are basically "heat and eat." Market the meals as upscale TV dinners.

Market Your Service To Special Diets

Lots of people are following different diets nowadays. Some need to for medical reasons, such as those with celiac disease who require a gluten-free diet. Some believe a particular diet will provide improved health benefits, such as the paleo diet. If you are educated and skilled in specialty diets, you can develop food service programs that will meet specific criteria for customers. For many people, the diet and the special ingredients are too unfamiliar or complicated for them to follow successfully. You can help bridge that gap.

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Improving Your Food Quality

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