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Why Sliders Are a Good Choice for a Wedding Reception

Sliders might have a reputation as being a casual food that you order in a sports bar or that you make at home, but this isn't always the case. A talented catering company can make up a platter of sliders that turns heads — a surprisingly good choice for your wedding reception. If you're a fan of sliders and want to focus your reception meal on foods that you enjoy eating, you might want to speak to a caterer about some slider options. These mini burgers are highly advantageous to include as part of your wedding menu. Here's why.

They Have Many Options

You might think about beef and cheese on a small bun when you imagine a slider, but this is only one option. While it's true that this traditional approach can be something that your guests can enjoy, your catering service can present you with several other tantalizing choices. Your guests might enjoy turkey and Swiss cheese sliders, BLT sliders, fried hot chicken sliders, and many more. You can also arrange to have some veggie sliders prepared if you know that some of your wedding reception attendees are vegetarians.

They're Good for Kids

If you'll have children at your wedding reception, you want to choose a menu that they'll enjoy. A selection of high-end foods might appeal to a lot of your guests, but such fare may be difficult with certain children. Kids who are fussy eaters may struggle to consume certain foods, possibly creating a disruption at their tables that bothers other guests. There's little doubt that the kids in attendance will enjoy sliders because the sandwiches are familiar to kids and they're also smaller and easier to eat for your younger guests. 

They Can Be Visually Impressive

Your wedding guests will primarily judge the food based on how it tastes, but there's also value in having the food offer some visual appeal when it's presented. Your caterer can come up with some appealing ways to serve the sliders. For example, if you've chosen a rustic theme for your wedding, your caterer may use long, wooden boards and line up the sliders on them. Another fun idea can be a pyramid of sliders, which can elicit some expressions of excitement from your guests when they arrive at the serving table. Given these three benefits, you may be keen on adding sliders to your wedding menu. Talk to an event caterer to learn more. 

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