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Preparing For A Catering Service For A Private Party

If you intend on hosting a private party soon, and you have decided to hire a catering service to provide guests with food, you are likely excited about not having to prepare meals on your own. There are, however, a few tasks to undertake to ensure your event is successful with the catering provided.

Inquire About The Services Needed

Before a catering service arrives to set up for your event, you need to ask them if there are any specific needs you need to fulfill to ensure they can conduct their work without difficulty. Ask about electrical service and whether they need you to provide extension cords for cooking equipment. Make sure the service you hire has its own tent to keep workers and food protected from the elements if you are hosting your event outdoors. Ask whether the service will provide dishes, bowls, and utensils for guests to use or whether you need to gather them yourself.

Search For The Best Spot For Setup

After you know what the service requires for cooking and serving your guests, you can seek the perfect location for the catering service to perform their duties. Make sure the spot you select is close enough to electrical outlets, water sources, and proper illumination. The location should be free of debris and should be flat rather than on an incline so tables are kept from wobbling throughout your event. If the service is to be conducted outdoors, make sure tent poles can be secured to the ground. If the event is indoors, provide enough space for workers to move around freely as they perform their duties.

Select The Exact Menu To Be Provided

Most catering services have several options available for guests to enjoy. Be sure to ask whether there are packages available that would save you money as well as what food-themed options are available for selection. If possible, request that the catering service you intend on hiring has a menu that you can look over well before the event's date. This way you can crunch numbers to determine the most cost-effective options available to choose from. To provide guests with a variety of food choices, make sure to include a vegetarian dish in addition to meat options. If you are unsure about the type of food that guests will enjoy most, send out requests to participants asking them for their input ahead of the event. Gathering food choices from guests will help to avoid food waste and save you money as well. 

Contact a local catering company for more information. 

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