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Bringing A New Flavor To The Venue: 3 Factors To Consider When Booking BBQ Catering Services

If you're hosting a casual event and would like to bring a new flavor to the venue, consider booking BBQ catering services. In fact, if you're hosting a party on the Fourth of July, booking BBQ catering services is almost considered to be a must, as it is perhaps one of the oldest traditions with 76% of all grill owners opting to sizzle meat on the grill on that particular day. The beautiful smoky taste of BBQ infused in various meats can uplift spirits and create an enjoyable experience for both adults and children alike. Here are 3 factors that you will need to consider though.

Will The Meats and Vegetables For The BBQ Be Grilled At the Venue? 

There is nothing better than eating skewers, steaks and other types of delicious foods right off of the grill; however, you will need to consider whether barbecuing at the venue will be appropriate. If you have an outdoor venue, you're generally in the clear; however, if your venue is indoors, you need to consider whether there are sufficient fans that will be able to take care of the BBQ smoke, and whether there is even sufficient space to store all of the BBQ equipment that is needed. 

Speak with the caterer to determine what is needed. For example, how strong does the ventilation need to be? In addition, do they need any outlets for the electric grills? Although electric grills really cannot compete with outdoor grills, they are a viable alternative that can really bring that smoky BBQ flavor that everyone loves to the venue. If children will be attending the event, consider whether the caterers will be able to grill the meats and vegetables without causing a safety concern. Keep in mind that safety should be the main concern when determining whether the meats and vegetables can be grilled at the venue. 

If grilling at the venue is not a viable option, there are many caterers that will simply grill everything beforehand and bring it to the event under or on food warmers. 

What BBQ Styles Do You Or Your Guests Like The Most? 

Although the smoky taste of barbecued foods are no doubt a hit, each region of the country has developed its own style and taste. There are different flavors of sauces added onto the meats and vegetables, different unique cooking styles and techniques employed and different types of meats that are used. Consider the BBQ styles that are most popular among your guests and more favored by you. Some catering services specialize in only one specific BBQ style whereas others are able to offer a wide variety. The different BBQ styles include:

  • Hawaiian BBQ. Pork, fish and chicken are popular meats used for Hawaiian BBQ. These meats are generally wrapped in taro or ti leaves and served with teriyaki sauce made with pineapples.
  • Kansas City BBQ. Kansas City BBQ is quite popular among Americans, and features meats that have been dry rubbed with spices before being smoked. The sauce used is typically quite thick and sweet.
  • Texas BBQ. Beef, ribs and sausages are the most common meats used for Texas BBQ with mesquite added for flavor. The sauce generally features a rich tomato base, and is quite thick and sweet, much like the other styles of BBQ.
  • Memphis BBQ. If you love pulled pork and ribs, Memphis BBQ is the way to go. These meats are often cooked over charcoal and served with a peppery tomato sauce that has been sweetened with molasses.
  • Carolina BBQ. Carolina BBQ typically features pork, and has an Oak and hickory taste. The BBQ sauce has a peppery vinegar taste to it and incorporates the unique taste of mustard.

What Are The Amounts of Meats and Vegetables That Are Offered?

Last but not least, consider the prices that the BBQ catering services charges for various amounts of meats and vegetables. Depending on the size of the event and the amount of people that will be attending, the amount of meats and vegetables that the catering services need to provide will differ. As a result, you can expect different charges.

Shop around in order to get the best deals possible. Some BBQ catering services are able to offer discounts for larger orders.


If you love the smoky flavor of BBQ and want to bring a different experience to your venue, don't forget to consider BBQ catering services. Not only are they able to offer a lot of meats and vegetables that will cater to the dietary preferences of your guests, but they can also bring a more casual and laid-back type of atmosphere to the venue.

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